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11/22/2015Reverend Earl FairMorning Worship, Hebrews 9:15-28 - God's Will and Testamentdownload|play
11/15/2015Pastor Steve TiptonMorning Worship, John 14:6-14 - Who We Are Supposed to Bedownload|play
11/15/2015Pastor Steve TiptonEvening Worship, Isaiah 21:1-17 - Hallelujahdownload|play
11/8/2015Pastor Steve TiptonMorning Worship, John 13:31-14:6 - Where Jesus Goesdownload|play
11/8/2015Pastor Steve TiptonEvening Worship, Isaiah 19 - 20 - He Smites, He Healsdownload|play
11/1/2015Pastor Steve TiptonMorning Worship, John 13:31-35 - A New Commandmentdownload|play
11/1/2015Pastor Steve TiptonEvening Worship, Isaiah 17:1-18:7 - Respecting Goddownload|play
10/25/2015Pastor Steve TiptonMorning Worship, John 13:18-30 - Night Falls Upon Jerusalemdownload|play

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